Jobie 2 Bee





What Is a Jobie 2 Bee? Maybe we should ask WHO is a Jobie-to-Bee?


smallbee She is a young girl (suggested age of eight or nine) who is not quite eligible to be a member of Job’s Daughters, who would like to make new friends and participate in new experiences. She can build self-confidence, be of service to others, enjoy fun activities, travel, and participate in local, state, and international functions. Have we mentioned fun activities?

smallbee As a “Jobie-To-Bee,” the girl will get to know the other members who are looking forward to joining, or have already had the opportunity to join Job’s Daughters. They will also meet the adults, who volunteer with the local group called a “Bethel”.

smallbee Jobies-To-Bee are typically invited to many of the Bethel activities, as well as various special ceremonies and events. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend also.

smallbee Jobies-To-Bee are presented with a sash and special pin they can wear to Bethel activities, so that everyone will know who they are.

smallbee When she finally reaches the age of 10 and is old enough to join Job’s Daughters, she will already know most of the members of the group and will feel comfortable with attending the meetings, events and activities

smallbee Since the ultimate goal is to become a member of Job’s Daughters, Jobies- To-Bee must have the proper Masonic relationship, as is required for membership into Job’s Daughters (though the Masonic relation doesn’t need to be verified until her petition to join is turned in when she’s 10).